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Wave Alchemy - SFX Collection 3

Wave Alchemy – SFX Collection 3 –

Having a vast array of effects and noise ready to use is a real imperative for those working in the field of post – production and Audio soundtracks. WAVE ALCHEMY presents this new chapter in its line of libraries designed for the Sound Design, which promises to cover a wide and beautiful assortment of these types of sounds. Let’s find out in this test.

SFX COLLECTION 03 is a title developed by the English software house WAVE ALCHEMY, operating in the market since 2008.
The company was founded by sound designers Dan Byers and Steve Heath, and hosts in its catalog a variety of titles of Loops and Samples Library and effects.

The library, specifically, consists of 555 samples in WAV format, with a depth of 24 bit 44.1 KHz sampling.
It works with all major DAW and Sampler Players. The library occupies more than 1.3 GB of content and is available in digital download on the manufacturer’s website, priced at 39, 95 pounds.
For those interested only in some of the title contents, it is also possible to select just one or more categories of effects, of course, to a proportionally lower amount.


SFX COLLECTION 03 is a library of effects intended for use in sound design and post – production audio.
The title features an editorial line that brings together at the same time traditional and experimental traits: it is possible to find both noise and effects of all kinds and diverse origin, both tools of purely avant-garde extraction.
The contents are comfortably ensconced in the various categories in which the samples are distributed, as we will discover in the next section.


The library, as mentioned in the presentation, consists of 555 samples, divided into the following departments:

IMPACTS. 87 sounds
CYMBAL FX. 93 sounds / effects
TRANSITIONS. 76 sounds
NOISE TOOLS. 62 sounds
PERCUSSIVE FX. 56 effects
MELODIC. 29 effects

Then there is an additional folder called INFO & DOCUMENTATION that contains useful information on the developer and the title.


SFX COLLECTION 03 gives us a generous sized sampling of sounds and effects. In principle the sound quality of the samples is homogeneously more than fair in all eight categories in which they are divided, but the sections dedicated to effects deserve a special mention for the high fidelity and sound definition: CYMBAL FX, FX PERCUSSIVE and MELODIC.
We see each individual folder.

1) IMPACTS. Collisions, impacts, explosions and drones perfect for Sub channels. Sounds really produce a dramatic effect, even without further push them through compressors. Stylistically, they lend themselves especially for the Game Audio and to characterize asteroids impacts and star wars in science fiction films.

2) CYMBAL FX. original and creative sounds of different types of crash effects obtained through granular modulation. The timbre of the various samples has always different shades and is embellished by a spatialized and remarkable definition. Significant category.

3) UPLIFTERS & RISERS. Great sound effects and constantly evolving textures to create immersive and rich of emotional tension soundscapes.

4) DOWNSHIFTERS & FALLS. Epic sounds dedicated to the construction of complex tonal transitions. The sounds are processed in a truly creative way. The most “dark side” of UPLIFTERS & RISERS.

5) TRANSITIONS. Samples of articulated Doppler FX and creative special effects for appropriately sound transition phases.

6) NOISE TOOLS. Real synthesis engines dedicated to electronic reworking of environmental noise and Found Sounds.

7) PERCUSSIVE FX. A percussive Loops box covering a wide range of electronic genres including Glitch, Ambient, Industrial, Minimal, etc..It certainly deserves a special mention.

8) MELODIC. tonal sound effects, pads, soundscapes, arpeggios, harmonic modulations and immersive sequences. What about … almost a library in the library! Really a nice surprise that you do not expect to find in a library of effects. Beautiful section.

To compose the Demo Audio accompanying the review, I used elements caught in all categories. It is very funny, as well as professionally performing, working with these sounds. Judge for yourself the result, but I think you’ll agree.


The title was principally made for use in post – production and sound editing.
For his stylistic versatility and completeness, we lend itself perfectly for a use (traditional or more experimental) in Fiction, Film, TV, Commercials and Video Games audio implementation engines.
Can therefore profitably use it first and foremost sound designers, foley artists and fx engineers, but also composers and musicians who wish to enrich their compositions with an electronic and experimental touch.



– Contents complementarity between tradition and experimentation
– Absolutely convincing FX funds
– Stylistic audacity that in my opinion deserves to be rewarded


– No proper environmental effects
– Price maybe a bit high
– Nothing else to report

SFX COLLECTION 03 is a library that is worth experiencing, you will see that, in addition to meet priority business needs, it will also make pleasant the hours spent in the studio.


Manufacturer: Wave Alchemy“>Wave Alchemy
Distributor: On line
Model: Sfx Collection 03
Price: 39.95 + Vat £

Pietro Fraccavento.

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