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Tunnel Fx -The acrobat

Tunnel FX – The Acrobat

The lying 2012,vainly awaited between apocalyptic anxiety and questionable prophecies, , was however honest and generous with fans of good music and, in particular, with those who have waited, not without trepidation, the followup of the “firstborn” “Missing Over You” by Tunnel FX. The chosen title, The Acrobat, conveys in a single term the emotional parable expressed, exalted and treasured in this new album.

Tunnel Fx -The acrobat
Tunnel Fx -The acrobat
The musical plot sees mostly intertwined bass, drums, guitars and vocals (with the occasional yet trenchant episodes of keyboards and synthesizers) towards a multifaceted yet personal result .

The subtle notes of ”Everytime” introduce to the listening . The development is predictable and reassuring but also betrays a power ready to explode, the goal here does not seem anything but a pure expressive will. The sounds are really exciting, the arrangement is nice and the inserts are balanced and measured with great timing. Wanting to be malevolent, I’m not crazy about the drum sounds.


A brief moment of silence let your ear get ready to the mature and very rich sound in Sad Coffee. At first, apparently, it sounds already heard and predicted, yet it is pregnant with strength instead. The eerie atmosphere void of unnecessary pathetic overtones , the very well made choirs and the guitar line built with excellent results, paint a profound context, cold yet intense, on which the song develops at its best.

Essentiality, some sort of “frusciantism”, a voice warm and low pitched , lead us to discover “Waiting For“, a track that grows patiently but with great awareness; there is no abandonment to virtuosity nor complacency. The sound, the notes, the plot, are fused and designed in a dry and simple yet very addictive manner . The conclusion is a bit approximate..

Not even the beginning of Hang Me is too exciting , a song that gives its best part in the build up but that collapses back into the chorus instead . The sounds quality and the instrumental intertwining parts are the same as in the previous pieces, but here there is no personality :it escapes me and it is a bit ‘boring.

Crepuscular, almost funereal, is the atmosphere of As Long As I Remember, the fifth song and the CD’s “turning point” . The great refinement, the sounds chosen with taste and consistency, give life to something that closely resembles the Chris Isaak “Wicked Game” tune , but with a musical construct much more exciting and mellowness -free. Some doubts about the ending .

Fantastic is the sound mix of Flowery Sky, capable of making sounds in full clarity and with all their emotional potential. While not appreciating the contrastanting variations present here, one is fascinated enjoyng the excellent intertwining of arpeggios and textures. It’s a song that could have been better because it suffers from a certain lack of order in its development.

Exciting is the opening of Neruda and it seems almost simplistic writing about it . It is music that should be listened to, in whose velvety and deep folds you have to dive in , there’s passion, self-discovery and sharing . The sincere outpouring of love is accompanied and emphasized by a rich and relevant musical construct. Praise for the choice of the Italian language: excellent result, the voice transmits much more.

Simplicity is the code of the beginning of Tell Me, a song that goes with a coldplay-inspired trend, to enrich and then refine itself, with a development capable of evoking some gilmourish typicalness. There is variety and richness to a shiny and at the same time light composition .

The ever bitter parting is called The Only One, where eclectic influences and conflicting emotional tensions mix thanks to a musical texture strung together with wisdom and sense of measure .Intensified are the guitar( reigning for sure but away from any excess ) underlining, emphatic and full of semantic power


This cd that can not be ascribed to any specific genre (rock / pop?), I liked it so much, much more than the first one: in the experience of a few years ago there were great potentialities and a kind of inconclusiveness. In this more recent work I rather enjoyed the rigor, the order and so many fascinating sounds. In conclusion, I give the disc a full 8 (with an enthusiastic mark on the guitarist ).

The Acrobat
Tunnel FX
01. Everytime (4:15)
02. Sad Coffee (3:54)
03. Waiting For (4:34)
04. Hang Me (4:00)
05. As Long As I Remember (4:28)
06. Flowery Sky (4:54)
07. Neruda (3:19)
08. Tell Me (4:16)
09. The Only One (3:57)
Etichetta: RTFrecords

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