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GEMINI II Vs NEUMANN U 87 - Testing microphones – Gemini II VS Neumann U 87 ( part II )
Wendy Lewis - sE Gemini 2

Testing microphones – Gemini II VS Neumann U 87 ( part II )

The second part of the test was based on comparing the tone differences between sE Electronics Gemini II and Neumann U87.

As mentioned in the latest article, the main focus was to analyze the high frequency response given by these devices. It is well known that, generally, valve mics lack of this characteristic; however, sE Electronics added to the Gemini the creation of a second valve, which solved the problem.
Furthermore, to test these two bestseller microphones, it was asked to the singer Wendy Lewis to lend her warm and extraordinary voice during her registration sessions of her new album. As in the first test for the preamp phase, two API512c were used.

Wendy Lewis - sE Gemini 2
Wendy Lewis – sE Gemini 2


In addition to that, it was decided to include the opinions of professional musicians who took part in the process. By doing so, we want to give credit to the professional experience of these artists.
After completing the session, they noticed that to record pop songs, the Neumann U87 is perfect for the job, while the tones given by the Gemini are perfect to produce Rhythm, Blues, Soul, and Jazz Music. In this particular case, Wendys Lewis’ voice matches well both mics.
Based on artistic choices, it can be considered to use the Neumann to preserve the voice features of the singer or, if it is preferred a more colorful and strong sound, even on low frequencies, the Gemini is the right choice.
Wendy Lewis - Neumann U87

By clicking the link, it is possible to download the file in HD (24bit/96Khz ) to appreciate better nuances of sound.
To you the last words.

Useful information

Singer: Wendy Lewis
Keyboardist: Paolo Sessa
Drummer: Marco Capano
Microphones : sE Electronics GEMINI II – Neumann U87
Preamp: API 512c
Sound designers: Giorgio Durantino / Francesco Guarnaccia
Recording studio: www.thectrlroom.it

Antonio Campeglia

Translation by Alba Ciliberti


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