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Dolphin’s Sound – Official presentation of the stompboxes line

Stompboxes Dolphins Sound Pic A. Campeglia 310x165 - Dolphin's Sound - Official presentation of the stompboxes line

In the beating heart of the historic center of Naples at ‘shade of the Conservatorio San Pietro a Maiella, directly from Florence Carlesi Stefano and Andrea Pratesi of Dolphin’s Sound they presented their stompboxes line at Loveri Strumenti Musicali, currently only store in  Campania. Dolphin’s Sound is a very young Florentine …

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“Viola” – beyond the color

viola2 - "Viola" - beyond the color

“Viola” (in english “Purple”) is a short film written, directed and mounted by clarinetist, composer and teacher Antonio Fraioli. Screened in Italy during the Clarinet South Festival 2015 (csfestival.eu) it contains interesting considerations about the meaning of the creative process, balance of opposing elements giving birth to masterpieces, long apparently unnecessary pauses suddenly turning in …

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A scuola di Theremin

Fabio Pesce e Chris Henkel  - A scuola di Theremin

Basically everyone knows it unconsciously, in particular I am referring to the last century “boys” who have gradually achieved a subliminal acquaintance with the standard sinusoidal hiss. In fact, since 20’s, each respectable horror movie, each suspense-generating scene, each respectable monophonic synth, considered its presence as necessary and indispensable…yet, despite of its acquired familiarity, every time you have the chance to see one with your own eyes, it is always a surprise: we’re talking about Theremin!

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