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Widescreen The Synferno Series Cinematic vol.1 660x330 - Rigid Audio - The Synferno series Cinematic Loops. vol.1 A soundtracks generator
Widescreen - The Synferno Series Cinematic vol.1

Rigid Audio – The Synferno series Cinematic Loops. vol.1 A soundtracks generator

When it comes to composing using Loops, often there are many who turn up their noses. It is not yet completely eradicated the prejudice that this format would be the exclusive preserve of Deejays.

The Rigid Audio library, composed in its entirety by Loops, maybe could help to dispel this myth; especially since, as I suggested in the title, it could rightly be called a soundtracks generator to service the modern composer’s inspiration and creative workflow. Will it be able to make change their minds on Loops even to the most hardened purists? Let’s find out in this test.


Cinematic Loops Volume One is an extensive library of Loops developed by the German company Rigid Audio, a Samples Libraries production company very active which matters the various and diversified proposed titles on the market.

The library in question is extracted from a larger work of Rigid Audio, the Synferno Cinematic Sound Module, and consists of 300 loops in WAV format, all available in the key of C and metronomic indication 103 BPM (with the possibility of Pitchshifting and Timestretching) , for a total of 730 MB of content. Included in the title even more 10 percussive Loops, available in the Bonus folder.

All Loops have a sampling depth of 24 bits / 44.1 KHz. The product is sold via digital download, on the developer’s website at the promotional price of only $ 5.


Rigid Audio is a Berlin based company. It was founded not a long time, but has already managed to position itself discreetly on the market, thanks to an editorial policy that points to an effective diversification of the products offered, linked by good quality and low costs.


Being part of Synferno Cinematic Sound Module, Cinematic Loops Volume One is a library specifically designed and created to provide a useful tool to set up in a practical and versatile way compositions for music applied to the image.

The 300 Loops range in different sonic territories, but the overall mood of the title is based on an emotional system more akin to coming all kinds’ ambient, electronic, with atmospheric music and the sci-fi futuristic orientation.


The Loops contained in the library ensure to modern composer’s quiver several sonic arrows: interesting harmonic and melodic sequences, guitars and strings Loops, ambient sounds and textures from various vanguard timbre Synths.

Once loaded the library in Kontakt Player (or other Samplers), we will find a folder called Rigid Synferno Audio Series – Cinematic Loops Vol.1, which contains all 300 Loops. At the bottom is then found another subfolder called Bonus, which includes 10 complementary percussive Loops available.

Outside of the daw, the root folder also contains a text document, useful for those who want to subscribe to the newsletter Rigid Audio (operation that is rewarded with the gift of a Free Kontakt Instrument of your choice), a .jpg representative the cover of the title and a direct link to the developer’s website.

The 300 Loops are very heterogeneous, and perhaps it would have been better to split them into separate folders according to genre, which would have definitely eased the workflow. In any case, you can find: Synths Loops, Pads and Soundscapes Loops, Guitar Loops, Acoustic Loops, Ambiences Loops, Percussion Loops, Vocal Loops, Brass Loops and other hybrid Loops generally classified as Miscellaneous.

So, there is plenty of material. Let us now examine in closer detail the ones that I think are the best and most representative Loops of the library, which among other things are the same that I used to compose the two Audio Demo, which as always accompany the Age Of Audio reviews.


The Loops are listed in ascending order (from Loop 1 to Loop 300). By reviewing them spread, it is really very good material from which to draw inspiration and by which lay a solid foundation for a convincing musical composition.

The Loops generally have good sound quality: the various elements that make up the sequences are well-balanced and well mixed with each other and the various instrumental parts are reconstructed in a very well distributed stereo positioning. If you decide to purchase this library, you will notice with pleasure that the loops are substantially ready for use: it will be rare need for further processing of EQ or compression to improve them.

Even the portability of Loops in the various Construction Kits is decidedly practical: you can have available infinite possibilities of combination of Loops between them, and in this way the title ensures excellent longevity of use.

As I said, we spend now rather more detailed account of Loops used to compose the accompanying Audio Demos:

– Loop 06. A sound carpet of strings ensemble played with an articulation of Tremolo very effective and which ensures a secure kinematics yield.
– Loop 08. An enveloping and atmospheric Soundscape; ideal for creating fairytale and surreal reigns.
– Loop 13. Great Lead Square Synth. It reproduces an intriguing melodic theme and stands very well as a solo instrument in the mix.
– Loop 22. Extremely evocative acoustic guitar arpeggio, very well taken and executed.
– Loop 39. Loops of acoustic guitar chords in a strumming sequence. Well defined and evolving into a good harmonic system.
– Loop 42. Very impressive sound effect appropriately positioned in three-dimensional sound field.
– Loop 53. A convincing and immersive sequence of Psytrance and Chillout chords.
– Loop 71. Other notable acoustic guitar arpeggio. I must say that this class of Loops is really well thought out.
– Loop 82. A valuable Whoosh effect, perfect for transitions from one scene to the other.
– Loop 93. A very ductile synth arpeggio.
– Loop 108. Another well executed Soundscape that can certainly find an appropriate placement in a variety of musical contexts.
– Loop 118. A good melodic synth that seems to play a resonant music box with appropriate reverb tails.
– Loop 123. Interesting harmonic sequence accompanied by the rhythmic beat of a purely Glitch kick.
– Loop 131. Engaging female voice Loop with Vocoder effect.
– Loop 152. Great Pad which introduces to reflexive cinematic scenes with an esoteric Phaser effect.
– Loop 162. Deep synthetic drone for dramatic scenes or situations full of emotional strain.
– Loop 169. An intimate Brass played with muted Loop.
– Loop 175. A sound carpet that creates a mystical and ethereal suspension.
– Loop 199. Good Trance chords sequence, perfect for classic Crescendo required by the genre.
– Loop 207. A carpet of very emotional strings that can lend itself to romantic scenes.
– Loop 214. A pair up with the previous loop, a very expressive melodic sequence performed by a first orchestral violin.
– Loop 222. Bombastic Brass Loop in Fanfare style.
– Loop 240. Weaving timbre obtained by hybridization between a synth and a Pad. Rich in evolution.
– Loop 246. Another excellent harmonic sequence ready for a Trance Intro or Build – in.
– Loop 252. A loop that plays a sulphurous and arcane choir. Horror and Thriller scenes could benefit from.
– Loop 268. Manicured environmental effects that characterize atmospheric chords punctuated by an excellent Synth
– Loop 300. Experimental and resonant Synthesizer.


The Synferno Series Cinematic Loops Vol.1 is a truly versatile and powerful tool for composing soundtracks applied to the moving image.
Whether it is movies, commercials, jingles, Brand Audio Logo or trailers, who composes for the industry and post – audiovisual production and sound design will certainly make use of this Rigid Audio library profitably. The arsenal of Loops to which you have access to it will in fact serve both for sound more dynamic scenes, with classic Ostinato of tight strings and percussion, both calmer atmospheres and introspective, using combinations of Ambient, Atmospheric and Sci – Fi Oriented Loops.
A good segment of Loops is also marked by a strong inclination towards the sound worlds of Goa and Psy – Trance, so even producers engaged in these situations will find a lot of good material. Finally, thanks to the extreme versatility at its disposal, the title will also come in handy for musicians who wish to enrich with particular nuances their jobs, in almost any genre they belong.


Valuing it as a whole, the library is certainly of good quality and, especially at the promotional price of $ 5, the price / quality ratio is very good. Personally, if I did not have the NFR copy I used to review, I would purchase it even after the promotional launch period.
It is an extensive, complete and very versatile library. The sound quality is almost always up and this is an essential aspect. As already mentioned, however, it has a unique and non-negligible defect: all the Loops 300 are contained in a single indistinct folder, so often before finding the suitable Loop you lose a lot of time sifting through the contents.
This defection can slow the Workflow and consequently may affect the creative vein. Apart from that (though purists may well want to continue to turn up their nose in front of the word “Loops”), I will definitely recommend it. See you to the next review and good music to all.

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