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Organic Transitions Loops de la creme. - Organic Transitions - Loops de la crème. The subtle art of transition.
Organic Transitions - Loops de la creme

Organic Transitions – Loops de la crème. The subtle art of transition.

There is an aspect of music production applied to the image that is often overlooked, but that’s an essential element of this sector. In cinema, fictions and video games, the sonic component is crucial to emphasize the events represented and to immerse the viewer in the so-called “suspension of disbelief”, so dear to tenth Muse theorists.

In particular, a critical point is played by transitions from one scene to the other: transition has to be musically commented in an efficient and above all immediate way, in the sense that the viewer does not have to mean a continuity solution in the development of the transition. This original Loops De La Cerème library provides the composer with the tools to operate these delicate operations, we discover in this test if convincingly or not.


Organic Transitions is a title developed by the French production company Loops De La Crème, founded in 2011 by the eclectic composer and sound designer Julien Tauban. The pillars on which the company’s editorial policy is aimed are good prices, small sample packs and a strong emphasis on originality and sound quality of the products offered.
Organic Transitions consists of the following content, for a total of 2.76 GB:

1091 samples in WAV format, sampling depth 24 bit/48 KHz
58 Kontakt Instruments (minimum configuration required: Full Kontakt 5.3)
20 IR (Impulse Responses Reverbs)
– The license agreement and user manual
– List Price: 59 € + Vat


Organic Transitions can certainly be categorized in the group of experimental Samples Libraries. It’s able to live perform percussive transitions, sweeps and growing; its main purpose is to add suspense and surprise to soundtracks and audio columns in the crucial parts of the arrangement development. As I mentioned in the introduction, the transition from one scene to the other requires a much notice audio processing: at this post-production stage of, it is necessary to work by chisel to gently accompany the listener in a new scene or in a new section of the composition. This library provides the tools to perform these tasks, is to define the specific sound when synchronizing with the image, and to create and sculpt elaborate soundscapes that precede or follow the true and proper transition, preparing emotionally the viewer to a new scenic context or an harmonic modulation.

Loops de la creme
Loops de la creme


To build this library, the Loops De La Crème team has used a variety of instruments.

Among others, appear shakers, rattles, tambourines, cymbals and a fair amount of rare exotic percussion.
One thing to note is represented by shooting techniques used to register the library: each sample was recorded with 4 different mic positions:

Blümlein STEREO: 2 ribbon microphones sE Voodoo VR 1 in the XY position (Reconstruction of a realistic stereo image with a very solid center)
Binaural STEREO: 2 Audio Technica AT4022 omnidirectional microphones arranged in a custom configuration (very wide stereo image, defined in detail and with exaltation on high frequencies)
MONO: 1 condenser microphone Lauten Audio Clarion (good detail and focused sound)
VINTAGE: 1 omnidirectional microphone Shure Bullet (regular transient, limited frequency response and rich sound character)

This interesting title feature allows for a highly flexible sounds and shimmering tonal variety. It’s possible to identify the microphones and the shooting configurations used for each sample by identifying the suffix placed at the end of the sample name.
The heart of the library is composed of 58 Kontakt Instruments and 20 Impulse Response (IR). There are also 5 extra Kontakt Multi, very experimental and certainly useful to sculpt soundscapes rich of evolution.
The quality of the samples is very good recording (note 48 KHz sampling rate) and in fact they respond well even when subjected to further audio processing.
Therefore the basis for a good job seem to be there. So let’s see the real test to assure.


We overview here the most interesting instruments and judged worthy of attention; I must say that out of a total of 58 instruments was not easy to be able to select those most noteworthy: the sound quality of the samples is evenly rather clean and detailed, and also the characteristic set forth above with respect to the wide choice of mic positions makes this title musically very eclectic and long-lived.
The sector effects and UI adjustments is complete and promptly respond to stress. We find high pass filter, low pass, 20 convolution reverb with control of amount, attack and release adjustments and limiter, as well as selectors of Focus, Tone and FX.
Instruments are divided and distributed in three folders: Dynamic Instruments, Multis and Transitions Sets.


– Dynamic Animal Bells. With this tool you will be transported directly on a high mountain pasture … Several cowbells from varied timbre and with which you can compose evocative and resonant melodies.

– Dynamic Bonus Rain and Thunder. Instrument able to develop a very evocative environmental weaving.
– Dynamic Clay Water Bird. That is, close your eyes and you’ll find yourself immersed in a wood where chirps and whistles of various birds reign supreme.
– Dynamic Indian Jingles. Shaking Percussion by very exotic flavor.
– Dynamic Meditation Balls. Soundscapes subtly atmospheric and mysterious.
– Dynamic Spring Drum. An experimental drone capable of binding the lowest frequencies reproduced by Sub.
– Dynamic Thunderskin. Thunder attenuated with rubbing of frame drums skins. You have to play it in order to capture its expressive potential.
– Dynamic Water Bubbles. If you need to sonorize the drip of water in the depths of inaccessible caves, this is perfect.

So, in principle, the Dynamic Instruments are at least partly outside by the library stylistic main focuses; however, they will be very useful in sound design field, especially for the environmental one.

Loops de la crème  Pic
Loops de la crème -Dynamic Instruments.


In this category, each instrument is obtained by mixing in various combinations the individual Dynamic Instruments. The section is further divided into 4 groups: Dynamic, Riser, Sets and Soundscape.
In Dynamic and Riser groups, the most outstanding instruments for sound and stylistic qualities are: Bellissima, Precious, Sweet World, Alert au Monstre, What the f and Birth of the species. The Sets and Soundscape groups are characterized by excellent instruments virtually in their entirety. In particular, Syren and Vintage Planet are some real sound jewels. They are capable of generating very suggestive timbral textures and ongoing developments. For aesthetic and musical features, these tools are certainly useful for creating shimmering Soundscapes and background sounds.

Loops de la crème Pic
Loops de la crème – Multis


Here we have four instruments, a Main Set, and three Mixed Sets. Let’s straight to the point: this is absolutely valuable material. The main focus of the library (transitions) is perfectly centered and in just 4 tools is enclosed a sound and timbre range extremely broad and the sound definition is truly excellent. We have everything we need to create stylistically valid transitions: spatiality, expressivity, dynamic and above all top-notch sound quality.
I could not avoid to use these instruments to compose the Audio Demo which, as always, accompanies all Age Of Audio reviews. Try to give a listen and see if I’m right.
These are the Kontakt Instruments that make up the library. Then there is an additional folder that houses the 1091 Samples, which in turn is divided into: Bells, Cymbals, Rattles, Ethnic Shakers, Shakers Regular, Skins, Snares, Tambourines, Textures, Toms, Various and Winds.
Therefore, we are spoiled for choice to go fishing One Shots percussion and even experimental the most diverse types. Another valid section.


Organic Transitions is definitely recommended for the creation of musical transitions. In this spirit, the Transitions Sets are really powerful tools. Whether it’s having to work on movies, video games, or postproduction sound, the library really offers a lot of solutions and possibilities.
However, the title is also suitable to be effectively used also for other destinations. The Dynamic Instruments will be useful for sound designers and Foley Artists, while Multis give their best when used for sculpting evocative soundscapes and deep textures.
For heterogeneity, then, the nearly 2000 WAV samples can cover a variety of needs, such as drumming parts, ethnic percussion and sound details.

Loops de la crème -Transitions Sets
Loops de la crème -Transitions Sets


Putting on the balance the pros and cons of Organic Transitions, the arm will certainly hang on the Pro side: the library fulfills more than discreetly expectations and also gives some welcome extra.
A recommended purchase.

– Excellent Transitions Sets Instruments
– Interesting shooting techniques and a wide choice of mic positions
– Versatility

– Price maybe a bit too much expensive, otherwise nothing to report.


Manufacturer: Loops De La Crème
Distributor: On line
Model: Organic Transitions
Price: 59 Euro + VAT

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