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Sezione cavo Linfaudio

Linfaudio. The importance of audio signal transmission and made in Italy.

The importance of using an audio cable can be understood only when there is a chance to try a high quality one.

The most common questions that are asked to people who buy cable at a triple price are:
– Is that any different?
– Is it worth its money?

Many musicians are willing to spend a lot of cash just for guitars, microphones, amps, effects etc. However, when it comes to cables, they are satisfied by just buying the cheapest ones.
Maybe it is because they are objects of less importance, but it is true that we do not show them off as much as for the guitars.
We do not touch them in the same way as we do with any other instrument, but I can guarantee you this, they are worth to their final purpose: a good quality sound.
A cable is a professional asset, which has the same value as any other parts in the signal chain.

Linfaudio cable
It is erroneously thought that a better cable gives a better sound, but this is far from the truth. It only displays the “real”, correct and intact sound that, compared to a low quality cable, truly shows the features of its sound source.

Linfaudio is a new firm born in Campania to satisfy the sound needs of every guitarist, bassist, vocalist and any professional who works in the music field.
It specializes in high-grade crafts work on cables that display a good audio signal and immunity noise. They are made with strong material and are easy to handle, especially on stage.
Being one of the first lucky customers of Linfaudio for guitars and soon noticing all its great qualities, made me curious about the man who was beyond all this: Massimiliano Tracanna.
He was available for an interview and able to completely answer to all my questions. During the interview I sensed all his passion for his work, while he was talking about his new product.

Giulio Erra: Hello Massimiliano, could you briefly talk about how Linfaudio was born?

Massimiliano Tracanna: Hello Giulio, first of all, I would like to thank you for your hospitality and for giving me the opportunity to talk about my passion for Linfaudio, which was born through the love of music and technology.
Shortly, one day my son Fabiano and I were trying to figure out an alternative to create good quality guitar cables that could be sold at an affordable price.
For decades I have always had a thing for electronics, so by also taking into consideration Fabiano’s musical tastes, I started selecting different basic materials, such as cables, plugs and sealing wires.
We tried different soldering techniques and cable installations and we reached great results. We experienced first hand and “ear” what a good quality cable can do into an audio chain without spending a fortune on it.
Then we made our friends, who work as musicians and sound engineers, try our cables and received great responses. This confirmed my first impressions and convinced me to launch my Linfaudio project.

G.E: What is the main difference between a Linfaudio cable and a normal one?
M.T.: The main difference is a clear dynamic response, zero noise, high quality of its components, great soldering wires, pleasant feeling to the touch and after-sales service.

Massimiliano Tracanna
Massimiliano Tracanna
G.E.: Which are the products that you create?

M.T.: At the present time, I am focusing on cables for electric guitars, acoustics, basses and micros; as I said before, Linfaudio wires display excellent sounds and are equipped with immunity noise. Furthermore, they are built with strong materials and are easy to handle.
I also produce signal cables to connect different audio sources, mixers, active speakers, even with HiFi ( my biggest passion!!! ).
At the present time, I’m working on a production of high quality stage boxes for installation/studio.
I would like to underline that the concept of “ Linfaudio creation” is based on specific requests, which I transform into a fine quality product.

G.E.: What is about your product that makes it so special?

M.T.: The accurate selection of the best raw materials available on the market and handmade work.
The wire is made of the purest copper 99,9999% (OFC N6 class), it has zero noise, a transparent sound, lasts long and maintains the same characteristics through time.
The material and geometry of these wires are purposely chosen for shielding against noise 100%, trampling and to get tensile strength above average.
I only select plugs from professional series, they have high quality accuracy for contact, high mechanic durability and they are tear-proof against wire retention.
Many testing have been done with these cables plugs and it has been proved that they last longer than others made by other trademarks. The solder is made of silver and it does not contain lead, which I consider the enemy of a clean sound.
My 10 years of passion for audio electronics made me quite skillful at building up handmade soldering. Every cable is electrically measured and acoustically tested .

Sezione cavo LinfAudio.
Linfaudio balanced cable section.

G.E.: What is your objective?

M.T.: To sell handmade high quality audio cables at a right price and to satisfy specific requests made by our costumers.
In my opinion, globalization made it difficult to understand the quality level of wires, which is not stated by the brand or right price. That’s why I decided to start these new project; as I always say: “If you do it yourself, you make it better”.
Linfaudio wants to show a concept of quality with refined and robust products that , in my opinion, are something rare nowadays…

G.E.: To whom is Linfaudio addressed?

M.T.: To all the people that do not want to spend much, but still do not want to lose robustness, durability and excellent standards, which are typical of the best cables on the market.
Furthermore, Linfaudio offers the possibility to listen to acoustic details, which cannot be easily recognized or even ever heard of with standard cables.
Moreover, Linfaudio is also addressed to people who want to listen to the “silence” of cables, which are equipped with 100% of acoustic protection, and want to pick them up off the stage floor to find them intact, after stomping on so many times.
One last thing, musicians that want to discover a new world by listening to some “serious” sound, need to replace a normal cable with Linfaudio to make shivers run down your spines. See it for yourselves.

Test sui cavi con Bruno-Armeni Linfaudio cable testings made by Bruno-Armeni /caption]  
G.E.: Let us talk about post-sales assistance, shall we?

M.T.: As I said before, the basic principles of Linfaudio are quality, robustness and fair prices.
Every single product is handmade and built with care and precision by utilizing the best materials on the market.
To keep up these high standards, we receive feedbacks from our buyers, who until now seem to be satisfied with the quality and duration of our goods.
However, we take into great consideration critics on identified problems or suggestions on how make our cables better. This is why I decided to offer a post-sales service for revision / repairing of Linfaudios that are accidentally damaged or timeworn.
This action allows me to verify the state of the products after a long use, which after repairing are as good as new. Meanwhile the buyer capitalizes his/her purchasing by prolonging the lifetime of the product considerably.

G.E.: How can someone interested in your products reach you?

M.T.: I suggest to send an email to info@linfaudio.comfor more info. You can find us also on Facebook and we are currently creating a new website, www.linfaudio.com, to put on all the available goods and their related technical information.

G.E.: Then I wish you good luck. Let us keep in touch with all the news about your productions.

Giulio Erra

Translation (ITA-ENG) made by Alba Ciliberti -> For Contact

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