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DeadBeat – Analogue Drums AgeOfAudio  660x330 - DeadBeat - Analogue Drums - New retrò flavored drum kit

DeadBeat – Analogue Drums – New retrò flavored drum kit

In the recent past we had already occupied on these pages about an Analogue Drums title; it was a Free Drum Kit, and impressions were quite restrained. But it is now time to do the test of fire: when it comes to spending money, expectations with respect to the sample library (rightly) rise significantly, especially for products dedicated to one of the most critical components of a musical production, the battery . We see in this test if the Analogue Drums team succeeded again to hit the mark.

Una suggestiva veduta dall'alto del Deadbeat Drumkit
Una suggestiva veduta dall’alto del Deadbeat Drumkit
Deadbeat is the new Analogu Drums company Drum Sample Library, developer active in the sector since 1999. The team is made up of the sound designers Dylan Lee, Nathan Koretz and Mike Tayler. The library interfaces perfectly with the Kontakt Sampler, but the samples are also available in the classic WAV format, giving up the option of mapping.
As usual for paid titles, Deadbeat is not compatible with the free Kontakt Player.
We need a Kontakt 4 or above.
The title is available in digital download for $ 29 at the manufacturer’s site, and occupies 1.8 GB, that become 2.4 GB once extracted.


Deadbeat sampling an acoustic drum kit. The intent of the developers was to reproduce the iconic “Abbey Road Sound”, using top quality components focused on a 70’s Ludwig kit with Zildjian old cymbals and Ludwig and Premier snares.


In 2.4 GB dedicated exclusively to the sampling of Drum Samples, material it is really quite. In detail:
– Files for Sampler Mapping Instrument , available for Kontakt, Trigger and also in WAV format
– 1 Kontakt Instrument AD43 Deadbeat MULTI v.1.04
– 1 Kontakt Instrument AD43 Deadbeat STEREO v.1.04
– 3456 Samples, with sampling depth 24 bit / 44.1 KHz
– The Manual for proper and complete use of the title, available in .pdf format.

Drum kit -DeadBeat
Drum kit -DeadBeat

In a Drum Sample Library, more than in other contexts, quality of shooting technique and samples sound character are absolutely crucial.
The title should be able to restore the naturalness and feeling that characterize all good grooves.
Deadbeat has a solid foundation in this direction: the tools supplied have three variations for the kick, two for Toms and 3 again for snare drums. Each sample is then provided with 7 levels of Layers for the dynamic variation and six randomizations of Round Robin. The segment of microphone arrays is rather convincing: we have six individually controllable microphone positions available:

– Close Mics
– Mono Overhead
– Two Room Mics
– Kick Sub
– Snare Bottom
These features are very receptive and well-balanced: setting the right way you can get sound from the expressive and rich details of naturalness.
The segment of the controls available on the GUI is really very rich and cared for too. Here we have:

– A precise 15 tracks mixer
– Individual controls of Tune and Pan
– 6 IR generating very realistic and evocative convolution reverbs (Ring On, Vacuum Packed, Au Naturel, Yesteryear, Mush Room, Faders Down)
– 3 settings for the kick (Punchy, Dry, Vintage)
– 3 settings for the snare (Brit, Hazy, lazy)
– 2 settings for Tom (Buried, Dead)
– 4 settings for adjusting the Dynamic Range (Dynamic, Detailed, Light, Heavy). It should be given a special mention for this feature because it really allows you to generate state of the art sound nuances: by selecting Detailed and Light we can give origin to very delicate performances and rich expressiveness; while setting the controller on the Dynamic or Heavy, Deadbeat DrumKit gives vent to its dynamic power
– 2 settings for Input commands (keyboard or eKit, only be used if you have a Roland V-Drum Kits).
The highlight of the title are varied combinations possible for each articulatiom available for each component of the acoustic kit and the various possibilities of adjustment of the newly exposed controls. The powerful technical interface engine and the end stylistic design of the Sample Library originate a title capable of generating very realistic rhythmic lines and equipped with a brilliant dose of groove and feeling.
Similarly, the various individual settings and the six reverberation environments make almost superfluous to make further audio processing actions on the sounds.
Here are the details about the several articulations available and the model of the component used. Guests can listen to the dynamic variety and expression guaranteed by the samples in the Audio Demo accompanying, as always, all Age Of Audio reviews.


Deadbeat is certainly a very versatile Drum Kit. Clearly, the destination of choice goes in the direction of Retro style and Vintage flavor inclined productions. However, because of the versatility of the audible signals, it also lends itself perfectly for contemporary productions, especially if orbiting in Funk, R&B, Folk, Indy and Pop sound galaxies.


In the introduction, we were wondering if with this title Analogue Drums had again hit the mark, as in the case of the Free Library Big Mono.
Well, the answer is pretty simple: YES.
The Kit offers versatility and extreme longevity, further enhanced with features truly “state of the art” sound quality . For their high caliber of style, these samples will emerge even in the most challenging mixes.
Articulations are then varied and very well balanced, each sample will sound realistic and natural, whether the strike is carried on the skin, and on the wood, on the cymbals or the crash. I usually have no difficulty in also recognize the flaws of the titles that I review, but in this case I have nothing to report.
Just try it, you will have access to this enormous and qualitatively significant amount of contents for the price of just $ 29.

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